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Reduce taxes by holding your GIC within a Registered Plan, such as a Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Savings Account (TFSA).

Learn About GICs

Types of GICs

Cashable GICs

Get a guaranteed rate and the flexibility to cash out.

Non-Redeemable GICs

Invest your capital for a fixed time (term) for a fixed interest rate.

Market Linked GICs

Leverage the power of the stock market while keeping your investment safe.

Personal Redeemable GICs

Have the flexibility to access funds partially or fully as you need them.
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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why should I trust GIC Trust Canada?

Thousands of Canadians use GIC Trust Canada each year to learn about providers and financial services. We have worked hard to build relationships with Canada’s best financial institutions to simplify the Guaraanteed Investment Certificate (GIC) experience for all Canadians.

Today, we operate the fastest growing GIC network in Canada. Since our launch, our numbers have sky rocketed with demand from customers for more functionality within our website. We have listened to our customers and we are currently developing our news articles section within our website, along with an arsenal of tools and guides for all our customers to take advantage of.

Why should I apply with GIC Trust Canada instead of with a provider directly?

In short, you will save time and probably a lot of money! It is important to compare different options instead of going with the first one you find. If you apply with one provider and the GIC is not right for you, you will have to restart the process with another provider. GIC Trust Canada simplifies this process with a single, unified application that connects you to the best GIC offers. Another reason why you should use GIC Trust Canada is that some GIC providers are only accessible through third-party websites like us.

Are your services really free?

Yes! All of our resources and services are 100% free to use. We earn a small fee from financial service providers only when a user uses our platform to find a solution. That’s why it’s in our best interest to connect you, the user, with the best possible solution each and every time.

What are the benefits of a GIC?

There are many benefits of a GIC, some include:
  • Flexibility in a range or terms and interest rate options
  • 100% guaranteed return
  • Safety and protection (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation eligible)
  • Eligibility for your RRSP, RRIF, RESP and TFSA
  • You earn a fixed rate of interest.

What is a GIC and how does it work?

A guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) is a secure, low risk investment that guarantees 100% of your original principle, while earning annual interest at a fixed or variable rate based on a specific formula. Similar to savings accounts, GICs are CDIC eligible at most financially regulated and non financially regulated institutions.

What does GIC stand for?

GIC stands for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate.

How providers profit from Guaranteed Investment Certificates?

A bank’s profit is the difference between lending rates and the rates they pay on GICs. If mortgage rates are at 8% and GICs are at 5%, then that 3% difference is the bank’s profit. GICs offer a return that is slightly higher than Treasury bills (or T-bills), making them an excellent option to diversify a stream of liquid, safe securities in a portfolio. As noted above, many Canadian banks and trust companies sell GICs. While a trust company does not own the assets of its customers, it may assume some legal obligation to take care of them.

What is the maximum GIC purchase I can make?

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are issued by a CDIC or provincially insured financial institution and pay a fixed rate for a fixed term. Purchases of GICs are allowed up to the insurance limit (maximum purchase of $100,000 per institution per account type registration).
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